Thursday, March 27, 2008

Will Nigeria Ever Come Out Of Her Socio-Economic Woes? (Nigeria job vacancies)

Nigeria job vacancies
By: Egwoli Samuel
The subject we will be discussing has already been much talked about. Scholars, pundits, newspapers and the generality have at one point or the other been asked or had their views forced from them about Nigeria's ever present devil: corruption. Some have even proffered ways out of our predicament. Some have attributed the state of poverty in Nigeria to some evil force at work. Yet still others are saying the socio-economic problems of this country is an incurable one and things will only get worse.

Moreover, Nigerians in Diaspora are not helping issues. They are rather keeping a safe distance from the jungle of thieves and cut-throats that throng the streets of Nigeria in search of victims. They find the chaos of what is called Nigeria(as presented to the world by the international press) to be enough reason to remain in USA or Europe and "the devil you know..."

This black image of Nigeria as a nation is further heightened by the power tussle among high ranking public figures and the activities of multinationals in the Niger delta region and their counterparts the so-called freedom fighters or Niger Delta militants. Every one of them have simply devised means of liquidating the Nation leaving the real Nigerians (those who still keep their integrity amidst this madness) in squalor and near-death conditions. Included in the nation destroyers(not builders certainly!) are the new breed Biafrans.

These self-stlyled, self-aggrandizing dissenters seek a separate nation feigning marginalization as their reason(amongst others) for doing so.

All of the above seemingly insurmountable problems only serve to put Nigeria in bad light internationally. It also has created unnecessary and untold hardship for the real Nigerians. Yet everyone says that Nigeria is rich in people and in natural resources. So what is the way forward for Nigeria as her socio-economic future will most certainly affect the world at large. Further study will be carried out here, don't miss it.

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Nigeria job vacancies