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Raising Capital For Business Startup (Nigeria-job-vacancies)


By Nazeer Daud

Raising capital for a business startup is one of the most difficult business tasks you’ll experience and it requires every ounce of entrepreneurialism and skill to convince others to part with their money. Entrepreneurialism aside, raising finance requires a sound business understanding and an ability to think laterally as to the available sources of finance open. Remember that business startup requires finance to get things off the ground but also to keep you personally above water, thus the costs necessary to start off can be quite significant. However by drawing on your entrepreneurialism and the strength of your business model, it is nevertheless possible to raise the funding you need without having to go to any extreme lengths.

Entrepreneurialism is all about taking calculated risks, and this is never more obvious than during the startup period. But entrepreneurialism alone doesn’t make a business – without finance, the most inspirational business plan won’t get off the paper. When most people think of funding their business they think initially of booking an appointment with the local bank manager to go in and discuss possible options. But there are ways of raising finance before this stage that will also help make you look like a more credible investment opportunity, and when combined with that spirit of entrepreneurialism you’re capable of displaying you can get together the money you need to take things to the next level.

The first stage of raising capital is to exhaust your personal resources. This might sound drastic, but when you consider that you’re also costing in your personal salary into your startup capital, it isn’t. Entrepreneurialism without finance is worthless, but by using the resources open to you, you can really make a difference. That means savings, personal credit cards and personal loans where possible to contribute towards your grand total. A prospective business owner that has already exhausted all possible means of raising money will seem more committed and will be in a better position to ask for further funding from the bank.

Asking family and friends is often touted as being a possible way of raising startup capital, but it’s probably not wise to go down this road. Family members are all too quick to draw on the negative sides of doing business, and will be overly cautious when it comes to lending you money. That doesn’t matter if you make a success of things, but most small business ventures fail, and all the entrepreneurialism in the world won’t rebuild damaged family relationships. If you can raise the money elsewhere, do so. Don’t bring in family members where it isn’t necessary to do so, and explore all other avenues of raising business capital before heading down this road.

Raising business finance is often seen as a difficult task, but with careful financial management this needn’t be the case. By all means approach your local bank for help, but don’t treat this as the first source of raising money for your venture where you have access to personal funds and savings.

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Nigeria Fraud - The Basics (Nigeria Job Vacancies)

Nigeria Job Vacancies
An overview on Nigeria and its Scam Operations

With about 2 billion bodies now accessing the Internet, it's no admiration that online scams and artifice are affecting added innocent people. Even as the chat gets out about accord fraud, 419 fraud, dating scams, beforehand fee and added types of artifice practices via the Internet, the cardinal of victims has risen substantially. One of the countries arch the access in scams, forth with S. Africa, Ghana, Philippines, and Russia, is Nigeria.

Nigerian abyss ambit from beginners to able scammers. On the able level, scams can be so acceptable that it is absolutely difficult to differentiate the accuracy from fraud. In abounding cases, it is absurd for the boilerplate actuality alfresco of Nigeria. While abounding Nigerian relationships accustomed online are fraudulent, such as misrepresentation, or as beforehand fee scams, it would be amiss to say that all Nigerians or foreigners alive in Nigeria are administering fraud. Abounding acceptable citizens and foreigners in Nigeria are honest. With the cutting akin of artifice via the Internet, the catechism is how acquaint the difference.

Some guidelines to abstain actuality a victim:
1. Be agnostic from the alpha with anyone in Nigeria.
2. Don't accelerate money to any actuality whom you've never met.
3. Be agnostic of any claims of inheritance, or added reward.
4. Verify claims of emergencies with a accomplishments analysis firm.
5. Know money beatific via Western Union is acceptable absent if fraud.

Lastly, if you've been in a accord with addition alive or active in Nigeria, and you're acquainted of all the admonishing signs and the problems with artifice in that country, and you're still not sure, or if you are because sending money, get a accomplishments check. The amount can be a baby amount to pay to anticipate artifice and acquisition out the truth. Wymoo International, based in the U.S. with an appointment in Lagos, specializes in acceptance relationships in Nigeria.

Proceed with caution,
A. Hathaway
Copyright © 2005-2007 A. Hathaway

A. Hathaway has 20+ years of acquaintance in artifice prevention, adopted markets, all-embracing investigations and accomplishments checks. His advancing biking acquaintance consists of over 35 countries and 6 continents. He has formed as a adviser for above firms including Wymoo All-embracing and maintains his own blog.
Nigeria Job Vacancies

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Will Nigeria Ever Come Out Of Her Socio-Economic Woes? (Nigeria job vacancies)

Nigeria job vacancies
By: Egwoli Samuel
The subject we will be discussing has already been much talked about. Scholars, pundits, newspapers and the generality have at one point or the other been asked or had their views forced from them about Nigeria's ever present devil: corruption. Some have even proffered ways out of our predicament. Some have attributed the state of poverty in Nigeria to some evil force at work. Yet still others are saying the socio-economic problems of this country is an incurable one and things will only get worse.

Moreover, Nigerians in Diaspora are not helping issues. They are rather keeping a safe distance from the jungle of thieves and cut-throats that throng the streets of Nigeria in search of victims. They find the chaos of what is called Nigeria(as presented to the world by the international press) to be enough reason to remain in USA or Europe and "the devil you know..."

This black image of Nigeria as a nation is further heightened by the power tussle among high ranking public figures and the activities of multinationals in the Niger delta region and their counterparts the so-called freedom fighters or Niger Delta militants. Every one of them have simply devised means of liquidating the Nation leaving the real Nigerians (those who still keep their integrity amidst this madness) in squalor and near-death conditions. Included in the nation destroyers(not builders certainly!) are the new breed Biafrans.

These self-stlyled, self-aggrandizing dissenters seek a separate nation feigning marginalization as their reason(amongst others) for doing so.

All of the above seemingly insurmountable problems only serve to put Nigeria in bad light internationally. It also has created unnecessary and untold hardship for the real Nigerians. Yet everyone says that Nigeria is rich in people and in natural resources. So what is the way forward for Nigeria as her socio-economic future will most certainly affect the world at large. Further study will be carried out here, don't miss it.

Egwoli's Research Center
Nigeria job vacancies

Thursday, March 6, 2008

How To Make Money In College (Nigeria Job Vacancies)

Nigeria Job Vacancies

By: Katharine Harte

One of the hardest things a student faces while in school is to make money in college while still having time to get all your assignments done. Being a college senior, I want to make money so I have something when I graduate. However, most of my spare time goes to looking for jobs, job applications, etc so my spare time is little. After some research I have found some ways to make some cash on the side without spending any or much of the little money I do have.

Article Writing: A quick dirty way to make money in college. There is one website I found that PAYS you to write on any topic you wish. For example, I wrote a story about how I had jaw surgery when I was 16 years old, and the site paid me $8 for the story! Not bad for about 20 min of typing. You can write on any topic you wish. The pay ranges from $3-$20. You can either give the site exclusive rights, where they will pay you more, or non exclusive rights, where they pay you less. The articles don't have to be the length of a thesis either, so you can write an article during your lunch break. If you write an article a day, and you make the bar minimum, that is at least another $100 a month. The best part is that this site is free to join, so you never have to pay a dime to write. Not bad for writing about stuff you already know.

Internet Marketing : This is a great way for someone to make money in college looking to make some serious cash. You don't need a lot of money to start with. Heck, you don't need any money at all in some cases. However, If you are serious about learning how to internet market and serious about making money in college, there is only one place I would recommend. They teach you the ropes with tutorials, videos, and an excellent forum where older experienced members are more than happy to answer any questions you have. They even have a 8 week program that will teach you everything you need to know. Even if you have some experience with internet marketing, they have tutorials for experts too, so everyone has something to learn.

Good luck!

More on article writing here. See where I learn to market here
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Thanks to Katharine Harte.

Nigeria Job Vacancies

Friday, February 29, 2008

Nigeria orders Shell to stop restructuring amid job loss fears (Nigeria Job Vacancies)

Nigeria Job Vacancies


Senior Nigerian industry officials quoted Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation boss Abubakar Yar'Adua as telling a parliamentary hearing on Monday that the NNPC, with which Shell had a joint venture partnership, was not consulted before Shell went ahead with the exercise.

"There are issues involved and must be resolved before anything," Yar'Adua said, but added that the NNPC appreciated the challenges facing Shell with production cut because of unrest in the Niger Delta.

Shell director Mutiu Sunmonu told the hearing the restructuring would have saved the company some 200 million dollars if allowed to go through, according to the NNPC officials.

He said Shell took the decision to ensure "the future and survival of its business operations" in the oil-rich west African country.

He said a combination of factors, including the unrest in the Niger Delta, had led to a cut in Shell's daily production in recent months.

Shell is Nigeria's largest operator, accounting for around half of the country's daily output of 2.6 million barrels at peak production, but the unrest in the restive Niger Delta has reduced the firm's production by some 500,000 bpd.

The company had said in a statement last November it was restructuring its Nigerian operation to promote efficiency, productivity and cut costs.

It said subsidiaries like Shell Production and Development Company, Shell exploration and Production Africa and Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company had been merged into one.

"The One Shell project seeks to eliminate duplication of the activities of its subsidiaries," Shell said.

Managing director Basil Omiyi said apart from the support services that would be shared among the three subsidiaries, there would be one umbrella organisation for production, development and projects.

"We are operating in an extremely difficult environment where levels of production have been severely curtailed by the security situation for some time," he said.

"Under these circumstances, we must take action in order to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and maintain a robust upstream business in the interests of both Shell, our partners and Nigeria in general," he added.

Nigeria Job Vacancies

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Is There any Hope For Nigeria again? (Nigeria Job Vacancies)

Nigeria Job Vacancies

The final year of the campaign for presidency in Nigeria is just a few months away, and Nigeria's future will be in your hands. I urge all of you, to please, take time to vote not because you just have to do that but because of our tomorrow and that of our children. Don't allow flashy materials or token to take your vote away from you, vote and vote right. You are the guardians of this great but nascent democracy.

Here, I want to share with you my views about the issues that directly concern our future, the future of our children, and the future of this dream we call Nigeria. The election will offer us the clearest choice: whether to go forward together with courage, confidence, and common sense, making Nigeria strong again; or turn back to policies that will weaken our economy, diminish our leadership in the world, and reverse Nigeria's long awaited Hope.

HOPE '93

For the first time in the history of Nigeria, the Northerners and Southerners came together to pick a president (The best president Nigerian never had) in an election that was tagged "free and fair" from all electioneering frauds. Yet, the spirit of every Nigerian was dashed by the then Head Of State, and some shameless and unpatriotic marauders in the corridors of power. Has the hope gone for ever???

Oh! what a remembrance, even if Federal Republic of Nigeria as a government will not recognise the "Nigerian democracy martyrs" the Nigerian masses do and we do.

I urge you to join us in a great national effort to free Nigeria from leadership that said we suffered from a malaise, that told us we must learn to live with less, and that our children could no longer dream as we once had dreamed. They introduced many programs (under the disguise of poverty alleviation) to feed their families at the expense of the poor masses.

In spite of the fact that Nigerian level of poverty is increasing tremendously, many are jobless, no good education, NEPA change its name to PHCN (Problem Has Changed Name), no water: Yet an absurd Third Term agenda.

The greatness of Nigeria does not begin with Abuja or Lagos; it begins with each of you. Each of you as an individual, worthy of respect, unique and important to the success of Nigeria. And only by trusting you, giving you opportunities to climb high and reach for the stars, can we preserve the golden dream of Nigeria as the champion of peace and freedom among the countries of Africa. Every Nigerian must be given the opportunity to contribute positively to the nations' overall growth .

If anyone is looking for heroes, they are abundant on the streets of Nigeria.

2007; we can vote to go forward with a Nigeria of momentum, or back to a Nigeria of malaise; go forward with an economy that's robust, or back to an economy that went bust; go forward with morale up and jobs up.

If the dream of Nigeria is to be preserved, we must not waste the genius of one mind, the strength of one body, or the spirit of one soul. Let us encourage all Nigerians -- men and women, young and old, individuals, of every race, creed, and color -- to succeed and to be healthy, happy, and whole. Our goal is a society of unlimited opportunity which will reach out to lift the weak and nurture those who are less fortunate.

Chief MKO Abiola has died, and has the HOPE gone with him? Will Nigeria ever has any HOPE?
I urge Nigerians to come together again like the time when Chief MKO Abiola contested an election in this country. Let's build together and wake up the Hope of Nigeria. But what I'm really thankful for is that all across this shining land, we're hoping together. We can say to the world and pledge to our children: Nigeria's best days lie ahead.

Thank you and God bless you.

Nigeria Job Vacancies

Friday, February 8, 2008

Nigerian Jobs - How To Beat Unemployment (nigeria-job-vacancies)


A friend of mine just concluded a seminar on strategic job positioning. What amazed me most was how the attendees of the seminar were looking. Their faces showed a lot of surprise. "So, Nigeria still has these opportunities?

I know that anybody in Nigeria with the factors I will be mentioning below will definitely get rid of unemployment.

What are the factors? They are the ones below. They may look simple but they really mean a lot.
1. Have A Goal:- Despite the fact that a lot of people go to school to study a certain course, they still do not know the kind of Job/career they want. Pick up your pen and a paper. Do you want to work in a bank, oil company, and school? Write it down.

2. Get access to information:- Since you now have a goal ( a sense of direction), the next you should is to hook up with genuine information sources as regards the information you want. I have access to a lot of job vacancies in Nigeria and I share them with people on forums that has to do with Nigeria jobs.

3. Have a positive mental attitude:- This aspect is very important. See things from positive aspects. Remember like attracts like. Start seeing yourself as a great employee.

Apart from the fact that you have read this, you still need to go an extra mile to put what you have read into action.

I wish you the best in life.

We shall all succeed.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nigeria: FG Chides Employers Over Federal Character Principles (Nigeria Job Vacancies)

Nigeria Job Vacancies
Tuoyo UkusanrenLagos

The Federal Commissioner representing Imo at the Federal Character Commission, Mr Meziem Echefu, has lashed out at some employers of labour for flouting the commission's guidelines on recruitment.

Echefu told newsmen in Owerri that some employers had been recruiting workers without following laid down rules, saying many of them do not even advertise vacant positions to be filled.

He also said the defaulting employers often refused to furnish the commission with necessary details of what they do "for proper guidance".

"The commission's principles stipulate that there must be advertisement for vacancies to be filled in two major national dailies six weeks before interviews are held," Echefu said.

Echefu lamented that most employers of labour had continued to sweep such a vital issue under the carpet, thereby giving room for lopsided appointments and favouritism.

He said to check such abuses, the commission had embarked on an aggressive public enlightenment programme to acquaint people, especially employers, about its duties and powers.

According to him, the commission is also taking necessary steps to strengthen its legal department for quick prosecution of erring employers.

Echefu, who commended some state governors for their cooperation with the commission, however, frowned at some state agencies for "flagrantly contravening" the principles of federal character.

He said the long arms of the law would soon catch up with such employers.

The commissioner lamented that though pamphlets were distributed to the state agencies through the commission's state co-ordinators, they "hardly obey the rules of the commission".

He commended the authorities of the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, Owerri, for strictly observing the principles of federal character in its staff employment.

He noted that the polytechnic had been placing advertisements on vacant positions, adding that it had also been inviting the commission's officials to observe their job interviews.

"In Imo, for instance, we ensure that the 75 per cent catchments allocation for prospective employees, is represented in the 27 Local Government Areas," Echefu said.

He also decried the attitude of some local government authorities in Imo, who, he said, flouted the commission's regulations with impunity.

He said many of them refused to forward their nominal rolls and other necessary documents on time to the commission.

He warned that henceforth, such erring councils would be dealt with according to the law.
Nigeria Job Vacancies

Friday, January 4, 2008

How Fresh Graduates Can Get Nigerian Jobs (Nigeria Job Vacancies)

Nigeria Job Vacancies

One of the daunting questions on the heart of every Nigeria student you meet is how to get a job in Nigeria as a fresh graduate due to the news they have been exposed to. The truth is that the dailies and other publications publish adverts running into hundreds everyday.

But wait, this article will provide you with what to do as a student in order to get good jobs immediately you become a fresh graduate. Just follow the steps below. It is not a high character thing.

1. Snatch every opportunity to build your CV:- One of the constant requirements in Nigeria job vacancies is "Experience needed" try and get places to work during your holidays even for free. This would be part of your CV.

2. Develop yourself:- personal development is a must. Work on your, dressing, smiles, looks, writing, public speaking, public relations, handshaking etc before you leave school.

3. Know the requirements:- What does it take to get a Nigeria job? Start the researching now. Know how to apply for jobs, learn something about GMAT tests, passing job interviews, etc.

4. Get access to information:- You should try to hook up with genuine information sources as regards the information you want. I have access to a lot of job vacancies in Nigeria and I share them with people on forums that has to do with Nigeria jobs like
You too can do the same.

Above all, believe you can greatly succeed.

It Is well.

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