Friday, February 8, 2008

Nigerian Jobs - How To Beat Unemployment (nigeria-job-vacancies)


A friend of mine just concluded a seminar on strategic job positioning. What amazed me most was how the attendees of the seminar were looking. Their faces showed a lot of surprise. "So, Nigeria still has these opportunities?

I know that anybody in Nigeria with the factors I will be mentioning below will definitely get rid of unemployment.

What are the factors? They are the ones below. They may look simple but they really mean a lot.
1. Have A Goal:- Despite the fact that a lot of people go to school to study a certain course, they still do not know the kind of Job/career they want. Pick up your pen and a paper. Do you want to work in a bank, oil company, and school? Write it down.

2. Get access to information:- Since you now have a goal ( a sense of direction), the next you should is to hook up with genuine information sources as regards the information you want. I have access to a lot of job vacancies in Nigeria and I share them with people on forums that has to do with Nigeria jobs.

3. Have a positive mental attitude:- This aspect is very important. See things from positive aspects. Remember like attracts like. Start seeing yourself as a great employee.

Apart from the fact that you have read this, you still need to go an extra mile to put what you have read into action.

I wish you the best in life.

We shall all succeed.

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